WHAT makes Myisrael so special?

Myisrael was created to enhance the lives of people in need and to make the experience of giving meaningful to you, the donor. We believe that this way, you’ll find more reasons to give and transform even more lives in Israel.


We have carefully selected a broad range of causes in Israel, so that each of you, whatever your reason for giving, will find something that resonates. We distribute ALL the funds you donate directly to the causes you choose. And we feedback so that you know exactly how your support has transformed lives. 

We make giving personal so you know where your money is going and can be sure it is truly making a difference. We hope that this will encourage you to become a regular supporter of Myisrael and to connect to one or more of our under-the-radar charities. Next time you’re in Israel, we’d love to organise a personal visit so that you can see with your own eyes their remarkable work in action. 



100% 100%

At Myisrael, 100% of your donation reaches the charity that you choose.

When Myisrael launched, we made a bold promise to our donors that 100% of their donations would go directly to charitable causes in Israel. That promise meant that we were committed to finding another way to cover all our expenses, even down to the credit card fees for online donations.

Of course, despite keeping them to a minimum, Myisrael does have costs. We depend on private donors and sponsors to cover everything from staff salaries to office supplies, from bank fees to travel costs.

These donors are some of our most dedicated supporters. Their investment fuels our long-term mission to continue passing 100% of your donations to our charitable projects in Israel. When you donate through Myisrael, you can be confident that every penny will go directly to helping people in need.


Myisrael was established by Danni Franks in March 2008, three years after she made Aliyah from London. She wanted to create a meaningful way to connect UK donors with small but inspirational charities in Israel that had previously fallen under their radar. The idea was to create something simple and direct, something without bureaucracy, and something which would allow donors to truly understand the impact of their support.

The concept was Myisrael and the process is the one you see before you.

Danni says: “At Myisrael, every single donation truly makes an impact. I have watched a 12-year old child receive dental treatment for the first time and heard his relief that he is no longer in pain or embarrassed to open his mouth. His treatment cost £28 at DVI. I have witnessed the impact of art and drama therapy at Misholim on Etai. He’s nine-years-old and has autism. His therapy sessions cost just £17 each, but it gave him the confidence to share his worries and fears for the first time. We’ve achieved so much in our first decade- and now it’s all about making the next one even better.”

Your donations enable this amazing work in Israel to continue and inspire others to do the same.