Are you a charity seeking Funding?

What you need to know if you’re interested in being supported by MyIsrael

Myisrael carefully selects Amutot in Israel to support, according to a specific list of criteria.  

Once vetted, the charity is put forward to our Board of Trustees for approval.

Our aim is to develop a strong relationship with our charities, understand how they operate and recognise their priorities, so that we can support and advise them in all aspects of fundraising and communications.

If you would like to become one of Myisrael’s adopted charities, read through the criteria below and submit the form at the bottom of this page.  We look forward to hearing from you.


All approved charities must:
•    be Social Welfare organisations with full accreditation as a recognised Amutah
•    have an annual budget not exceeding NIS 4,000,000 (excl in-kind)
•    be run independently, not under the auspices of a larger organisation
•    be non-political and non-discriminatory
•    receive less than 15% of their annual income from the UK (excl Myisrael)
•    have administration (non-programme) costs of 20% or less
•    provide up-to-date budgets and financial documentation and accreditation



Myisrael commits to:
•    supporting the Amutah (subject to remaining within the criteria) for an agreed time period 
•    processing online donations on behalf of the Amutah
•    featuring a promotional page with information about the Amutah on our Website
•    raising funds on behalf of the Amutah in the UK through synagogues, shuls, schools, events and private donors
•    promoting the Amutah on social media 
•    keeping donors up-to-date on how their donation was used, send updates and encouraging them to visit 
•    offering a consultation service on operational matters such as fundraising strategy, budget presentation and database building 


In order to build a strong relationship, Myisrael expects the Amutah to

  • provide all requested financial information in English (budgets, doch kaspi etc) in the timeframes and format required, unless agreed otherwise
  • keep Myisrael updated with changes, developments, feedback and achievements within the Amutah
  • provide Myisrael with immediate up-to-date financial info as requested
  • supply feedback and thank you letters for donors as requested by Myisrael - feedback includes, where possible, personal stories and pictures of recipients, personal videos from Amutah staff or recipients thanking donors
  • provide success stories and high resolution images for use on the Myisrael website and social media on request

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