Beit Kobi

Soldiers without family to support them often find their army service isolating and, in many cases, suffer from loneliness and depression. Beit Kobi makes sure their lone soldiers are surrounded by love, support and compassion.


Beit Kobi was created in memory of Kobi Ichelbom, an outstanding combat soldier and commander in the Givati Brigade of the IDF who was killed in action in 2002. His mother Aviva established Beit Kobi to honour her son’s guiding principles, familiarity and friendship.

Beit Kobi ensures the emotional and physical wellbeing of all lone soldiers in the IDF’s Givati Brigade. It provides them with comfortable, homelike apartments which they can return to during any holiday and where they benefit from the support of their fellow soldiers facing similar challenges. And each soldier is paired with one of Beit Kobi’s trained volunteers and volunteer “adopted” families, who support them with love, encouragement and advice throughout their military service.


Jeremy's Circle

Jeremy's Circle was established in 2008 to support children in young families living with cancer or coping with a cancer loss.  Jeremy had three children aged 6 months to 6 years when he was diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer in May 2007.

The organisation was inspired by the friends and family that embraced Jeremy's kids – taking them out for hikes, sleepovers, movies and barbeques – when he was in treatment.   Another inspiration was Jeremy's oldest child who told her parents that she wanted a play-date with another girl her age who had a daddy with cancer. Since no organisation existed at the time that provided services for the children in families with cancer, it took several months until they found an appropriate play-date. Zoe benefited tremendously from the experience of meeting someone else in a similar situation.

Jeremy's Circle was conceived by Jeremy Coleman, his sisters Juliette and Naomi, and his wife Pamela Becker, who saw firsthand the importance and impact of supporting the children in families coping with cancer.

How does it work?

Jeremy's Circle shows the children that they are not alone, and helps them connect with other kids like them in several ways:

  • Wide range of fun-days during school holidays throughout the country.  Recent events have included laser-tag, museums, zoos, and much more
  • Play-date database matching children (and their parents) with other kids in a similar situation and region.
  • Annual summer teen overnight


Miriam's Dream

Miriam's Dream

At Miriam’s Dream, people with severe disabilities are able to live their lives exactly how they want to, and with the love and companionship of a community to support them.

At Miriam’s Dream, each resident lives independently and privately in their two-bedroom apartment, with the second bedroom allocated to their caregiver. They have access to a large communal lounge that serves as a social club and a beautiful flourishing garden.

Every resident at Miriam’s Dream has the chance to fulfill their potential. Professional staff support residents with their emotional and physical challenges and Employment Counsellors work with each individual to learn their interests and knowledge, helping them to find suitable employment and leisure activities.

The residents have use of a specially adapted shuttle bus which transports them to work as well as taking them to regular daily activities such as visiting a shopping centre or meeting friends at a restaurant, simple pleasures that would otherwise be impossible.

As much as residents enjoy the comfort of their own apartment, they also take pleasure in the community created at Miriam’s Dream. They share special Shabbat and festival meals, they can participate in all sorts of group activities, and they laugh, sing and dance together. It’s a very happy, warm place to live.

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Tikvot is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization which rehabilitates Israel's victims of terror and wounded soldiers through sports. Tikvot means "Hope" in Hebrew and it has been proven that sports mastery can be critical to the emotional and physical rehabilitation of our Heroes, providing Hope and giving them the power to restore self-confidence and dignity and ultimately bringing back those long lost smiles.

Your donation through TIKVOT will give these individuals the opportunity they deserve to restore their confidence and dignity and speed their rehabilitation through sporting activities.


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Coping therapies for cancer patients to reduce pain and emotional trauma

Healing Hands, the only organisation of its kind in the Negev, provides a range of complementary therapies to cancer patients and their families. These include massage, reiki, acupuncture and reflexology.  These treatments, combined with the love and support they get from the ‘Healing Hands community’, help reduce pain and stress, reinforce positive thoughts and enhance coping strategies. Every patient’s treatment plan corresponds with their conventional treatments and is developed in collaboration with the medical team in the hospital.  

Healing Hands’ patients say that the team feel like an extended family, always by their side to lift them up when the days get too tough. 


Transforming young lives through the power of music

At Musicians of Tomorrow (MOT), musically gifted children from some of Israel’s most underprivileged areas are giving the chance to reach their potential. Music transforms lives. 

The classes take place at the Musicans of Tomorrow rented home in Rosh Pina as well as at the community centre in upper Hazor. Candidates are carefully selected by Dr. Rosnovsky and aged between 6 and 16. Most of them learn the violin with Dr. Rosnovsky, and at least two other instruments such as piano, viola or cello in addition to solfege [needed by music colleges], all taught by other expert teachers.  Children come for their lessons before and after school 2 to 5 times a week, and every day during school holidays.  Where possible, the children are provided with transport and receive a hot meal, assistance with school work and moral support. Teaching is done individually and in groups. Older children mentor the younger ones helping and supporting them. The children love to come to their lessons and are reluctant to return  home. Concerts are performed regularly and the children have appeared on Israeli T.V., at official State Ceremonies and have made many appearances abroad, winning prizes in competitions and acting as Ambassadors for Israel. A prize winning international documentary film the ‘’Violinists’’ has been made about them.

The Musicians of Tomorrow occasionally come across a genius who without MOT would not have their talent recognised or cultivated.

Many of the children come from dysfunctional homes and some have developmental or emotional problems which this programme helps them to overcome through their own hard work and their newly found love of music. All of the children in the project have gained self-confidence and the tools to make a better life for themselves, and in many cases will have a career ahead of them. There is meaning in their own lives, and they have brought pride to their families and to their communities. To quote the mother of one of the students’’ It takes a whole village to raise a child – but sometimes, it takes a child and a good teacher to raise a village’’

Music for these children is life changing.  It not only offers them a positive outlet to express themselves but it instils passion, increases their self esteem, expands their life opportunities and inspires those around them to follow their dreams!





Feeding low-income families & the elderly for Shabbat & festivals

Struggling members of the Bet She’an community never go hungry thanks to the dedication of volunteers at the Bet She’an Foodbank. The community take responsibility for each other

In 1995, a small group of young idealists in the city of Bet Shean established a Foodbank in memory of a dear friend. It was established to assist needy families, the elderly, underprivileged children and people who live alone.

Its activities began by receiving a list of names of needy families and individuals from the Welfare Department and from other organizations that provide services for families in need. Today, the Foodbank reaches out to more than 100 families and provides them with more than 800 portions of hot food and dry goods every Friday afternoon for Shabbat meals or before the Holidays. All of the activities are performed with the utmost discretion—recipients do not know who prepared the food they receive, and donors are unaware of who receives the food they have prepared.

Other programmes that take place at the Foodbank include distribution of clothing and eyewear to needy families and individuals, assistance for marriage and brit mila ceremonies and Bar Mitzvah celebrations, provision of infant supplies and more.

The thought of Shabbat or Yom Tov coming and not being able to afford such basic items as chicken, challah and soda is unimaginable for many of us.

Thankfully, the work of the volunteers at the Bet Shean Foodbank means that this is also true for families who have hit hard times in this area.

During Rosh Hashana and Pesach, £83 will pay for a food package that will last a family of five for three days and will provide them with dignified, celebratory chag meals that include chicken, challah, shnitzel, grape juice, honey cake, vegetables, rice and potatoes and deserts.



Kaima, an agricultural farm giving hope, stability, and purpose to youth-at-risk. By giving them jobs, key responsibilities, structured days, and a community to care for them, these troubled teens learnt to turn their lives around.

At Kaima, each participant learns to grow, market and sell the farm’s organic products, earning an hourly wage and taking their place as fully invested partners in the business. 

Each participant at Kaima learns to grow, market and sell the farm’s organic products, earning an hourly wage and taking their place as fully invested partners in the business. They develop positive social skills, a strong work ethic, and receive the support and training they need to find their place in the world.

As a result of the programme, Kaima’s participants have successfully returned to the education system, entered the army, and been able to foster long-term, meaningful relationships. Kaima keeps in touch with all of its ‘graduates’, offering mentoring and support as they embark on the next chapter in their lives.



Dental Volunteers for Israel (DVI) is a free clinic where volunteer dentists come from all over the world to provide top quality dental care to more than 2,000 of Jerusalem’s poorest children.

With a strong link between poor oral hygiene and poor performance at school, DVI is helping to turn young lives around. Kids with rotten teeth find it hard to concentrate because of the pain, and are often embarrassed to smile or open their mouths to talk. DVI’s treatments are not only restoring their smiles but are giving them and their families the hope of a brighter future.

As well as receiving dental treatment, the children are required, together with their parents, to attend educational sessions to ensure they understand the importance of healthy eating and cleaning habits in the future.

Extending their reach, DVI now provides dental treatment to the elderly and the astounding number of Holocaust Survivors in Jerusalem who have no access to free dental care. With over 7,000 Survivors in Jerusalem relying on welfare support, DVI’s latest offering is finally putting a smile on the faces of those who deserve it most.



Re-Spec’s eye clinics provide free eye tests and affordable glasses to over 2,000 people from cities and towns across Israel. For those people, Re-Specs services are life-changing. Clear sight means they can focus better, progress at school or work, and live without the constant headaches that come when people strain to see. Re-Specs glasses are creating a brighter future in every sense of the word. Re-Specs services some of the poorest towns in Israel and targets the most vulnerable groups including those with disabilities, single-parent families, lone soldiers, and Holocaust Survivors.

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Offering a lifeline to victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence

Maslan is the only organisation in Southern Israel supporting victims of sexual and domestic violence. Their doors are open to every community and their services save vulnerable lives.

For the women and children of Maslan, its services provide the only chance to escape and heal from abuse . Maslan’s emergency helpline is often the first brave step a victim takes to share their story and ask for help. The helpline is staffed by over 200 trained volunteers who continue to provide support throughout the entire process, accompanying victims to police stations, hospitals and safe houses, and providing an understanding ear whenever needed.

Maslan supports victims throughout the reporting, medical and legal process. Its Therapeutic Unit offers counselling for victims and their families, and their legal team offer access to free legal aid and counsel for anyone unable to afford it. Maslan offers services in 8 different languages and their pioneering Awareness Workshops in schools and community centres are educating children, parents, and teachers from every community about recognising and preventing child abuse.

Thanks to Maslan, no victim of abuse in the South of Israel need ever feel hopeless or alone.




Ani Shlishi

A second-hand clothes store that enables youth-at-risk to build a brighter future by learning new skills, increasing their self-esteem and employment options

Ani Shlishi collects second-hand clothes for resale at its thrift stores. The stores are manned by youth-at-risk who earn a salary, learn invaluable skills to help with future employment and life in general. The young people live in youth villages for at-risk teenagers and work at Ani Shlishi for 6 months in preparation for enrolment in the army or in the workforce.

Through the programme, employees gain retail, customer service, leadership, communication, and problem-solving experience and skills training. They also learn how to handle finance and attend seminars on various topics including resume writing and interview etiquette.

There is a community of ‘Ani Shlishi graduates’ who meet with current youth in the programme and share their stories.Of the 100 Ani Shlishi graduates, over 90% are currently integrated into normative frameworks and are either working, in school, or in the army.

Ani Shlishi continue to work on and expand their alumni programme so that they can keep in touch and follow each graduate’s progress.

There are already approximately 100 graduates of Ani Shlishi’s programme.

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Yozmot Atid

Providing courses to equip women with all the tools and guidance they need to get their business started and running successfully. Training includes building a business plan, excel proficiency, how to work with banks, managing bureaucracy, finance, sales,

Around 1,000 of 4,000 applicants are accepted to the Yozmot Atid programme each year. Successful applicants are women of a low socio-economic status from around the country, who have a business idea that they want to turn into a reality and the motivation and desire to succeed.

Yozmot Atid’s courses provide participants with all the tools and guidance they need to get their business started successfully and include building a business plan, excel proficiency, how to work with banks, managing bureaucracy, finance, sales, marketing, social media and other essential skills.

400 men and women entrepreneurs dedicate time to mentor the women help them create sustainable & viable businesses. 

Yozmot Atid is the perfect example of "teaching a person to fish."

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