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Yael has two siblings, and together with their mother, they live hand to mouth.

Life is a constant struggle and despite all her best efforts, Yael's mum still has to worry about where the next meal will come from.

When Yael's father found out that his wife was pregant with twins, he abandoned the family and refused to offer any help. For several months after she gave birth, Yael's mum Michal lived with her parents in one room with her 3 children. This was an impossible situation, so she eventually moved into a small rented apartment and depended on the help of government assistance, some kind neighbours and the Forgotten People Fund, one of Myisrael's causes.  Once she was able to get the children into daycare, Michal divorced her husband and has now gone back to work as a cleaner. She is working hard to try and repay all the loans she took out to take care of her children, but the pressure of that, and all the expenses that go with having a young family are too much. The pressure is immense. Food vouchers will allow Michal some respite, and will mean she can enjoy some time with her children with less worry.

Yael’s is one of hundreds of families that need help to fund the most basic of needs.


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"The food donation made it possible for us to equip ourselves with the basics and get through this difficult period with dignity. It strengthens the feeling of the love and connection between human beings"
Percentage of families living with food insecurity in Israel
Cost of a food voucher to fill-a-fridge this Pesach
27 NIS
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