Crisis response to the war in Israel

The war in Israel has caused devastation and traumatised thousands of Israeli children and adults

Myisrael has been inundated with requests for funding, and we are carrying out due diligence and ensuring that your donations are going to where they are most needed.

Since the war broke out, Myisrael has agreed to fund:

*3,000 therapy dolls for use in group trauma therapy for victims of the October 7th attacks

*Sleeping bags, ponchos, blister plasters, rehydration drinks, thermal underwear and other urgent items for army units who are short on supplies

*Support groups for partners of fallen soldiers

*Urgent training for professionals to respond to the influx of calls to a mental health emergency helpline

*Activity kits for children in the South who are spending most of their time in bomb shelters

*25 laptops for children in Ashkelon so that they can attend online school and also enjoy some relaxation time to help take their mind off their worries

*Therapeutic treatment for traumatised children from the South and are exploring the most effective way to support the Sderot community, especially the children

*A contribution towards a safe room at Beit Daniella, a rehabilitation centre for youth with serious mental health conditions

*Fruit and vegetable baskets for families living in the South

*Smart watches that vibrate so the hard of hearing will be alerted to a rocket attack

*Equipment for music therapy sessions at hotels housing evacuated communities 

*Sensory therapy sessions for traumatised children from the South who have been evacuated to Bet Shemesh

*Essential afternoon activities for children who are lacking their regular framework of programming

*Digital tablets for children with special needs from the South

*One-time financial grants to victims of the Supernova Music Festival who have been unable to return to work as they struggle to come to terms with the tragedy that befell them on October 7th

*Petting zoo for  the Kibbutz Nir Yitschak community that was infiltrated on October 7th

*Shelter and a generator for the Amichai respite station for soldiers serving in Gaza



We stand united against terror, we join in the heartbreak of this beloved nation and we pray that together we find a way to heal.

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Danni near the Gaza border