Cookalong on Zoom for Pesia's Kitchen

June 2022

London, United Kingdom

Event information

Date: 12 Jun

Time: 4:00-5:30pm

Location: London, United Kingdom

Ticket: Suggested Voluntary Donation £15.00

Judianne teaches adults and children how to make delicious and healthy meals that take just minutes to prepare.  Join her for this interactive cooking lesson and cook alongside her to make a selection of delicious dishes including tacos with either chicken, cod or tofu with pickled onions and cabbage slaw, and scrummy chocolate and banana muffins. We’ll be learning how to use bananas that are past their best and how pickling vegetables is a great way to use up leftover vegetables. 

Every penny from this event will go to Pesia's Kitchen, where food is rescued from restaurants and supermarkets and is redistributed to shelters, old age homes and other populations in need. 

All the recipe cards will be sent to you after the lesson, and we will send you a full list of ingredients, utensils needed for the session and the Zoom link once you have signed-up.

We can't wait to get cooking with you and we're sure you're as pleased as we are that for at least one evening, we don't have to plan what we're going to cook!

For more information contact Hayley on events@myisraelcharity.org