Susan's House

Rehabilitating, motivating and inspiring teens-at-risk through artistic & vocational training



By the age of 10, Michal had already experienced significant trauma through the loss of her mother. Soon after it became increasingly clear that her father was not able to look after their family alone and by the age of 16 Michal was living on the streets. The local welfare department referred Michal to Susan's House. 

“I couldn’t find any source of comfort- or love- and felt like if I died, no one would even know,” she explained. “And then I started working in the glass workshop at Susan’s House.”

Michal was not very proud of the first few pieces she created in the workshop and preferred for her pieces to be destroyed but her counselor thankfully decided otherwise.

“I couldn't even fathom that someone would spend money to buy something I had created,” Michal remarked. “And then it suddenly happened, one afternoon, when I noticed a woman discovering my plate, and bringing the plate to the front of the store to purchase it.”

Michal approached the woman with excitement, and some trepidation, to tell her that she was the artist.

“Seriously?”, the woman responded, “These are gorgeous! Now I will always remember your face whenever I use these plates in my home!”

It was precisely at that moment - with tears in her eyes- Michal began to feel like she was worthy- like she was no longer a nobody.

After her release from the army, Michal enrolled at a College of Education, where she graduated with a MA in Education. Michal aims to begin working with children with special needs. 




At Susan’s House teens-at-risk learn skills and work creating beautiful glass products, ceramics and jewellery, and receive wages for their work. A professional and dedicated team of artists, volunteers and therapists accompanies them throughout the various elements of the programme and guide them about the working world, how to become independent and functioning members of society and act as a support system for them to help them through their daily struggles.

35 youth between ages 15 and 18 are employed at Susan's House,  which for many of them provides the only warm encouraging environment they know. 

In the last 20 years, Susan’s House has helped over 700 kids!


"Susan’s House completely changed the trajectory of my life!"
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