2,500 children who are now trauma victims can be helped with our Music Therapy project

Music therapy is widely recognised as one of the most effective strategies for reducing the impact of trauma, stress, anxiety and depression.

In the wake of October 7th, the team of trauma therapists from Imagine have been working with displaced families from the North and South, in hotels throughout the country.

Over time, they realised that they needed a way to reach more families impacted by the war and suffering from trauma and that they needed their own space to perform their therapeutic sessions.

So, they came to Myisrael with an idea…

Imagine want to turn a retired public bus into a fully kitted out mobile music studio with a highly qualified team of trauma experts and therapists who can travel throughout the country and offer music lessons and music therapy to trauma victims.

This musical bus could help up to 2,500 children a year AND visit rehabilitative facilities helping soldiers in the evenings.

It will cost £80,000 to repurpose and equip the bus and it will be operational for at least ten years, helping thousands of people relieve trauma and distress.

Please help us reach this target by giving as generously as you can.



"Even on my darkest days, Imagine is the light I need! The music lifts my soul!"
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Cost per child per year