Family Nest empowers women-at-risk to turn their lives around. It provides a safe haven for themselves and their children, and a support network that listens, understands, and inspires them to overcome great personal challenges.



Sigal is married to Yossi and has four young boys. For over 10 years, her husband has been coping with major illness, and today he is fighting cancer and recovering from a kidney transplant. Sigal has to carry the whole burden of raising the children, looking after her husband, and maintaining the household income.

Sigal often had moments when she just didn’t know how she would get through the day and care for her family. A friend introduced her to Family Nest and she suddenly discovered an entire community of women ready to befriend her, support her, and lift her up. She participated in as many groups and workshops as possible, including the parenting workshop, individual coaching, and gardening therapy. Her children joined her for animal therapy, baking workshops, and now the drama classes. Every workshop and activity helped her slowly rebuild her self-confidence and belief in a better life.

A couple of years ago she was able to get a good job, thanks to the tools and personal support she got from Family Nest. Last year she became a volunteer at Family Nest. She says: “I couldn’t be more fulfilled, having the opportunity to help a mother in need, who is going through a similar process I went through.”


For a young mother caught in a desperate cycle of poverty, abuse or addiction, it can feel like there is no one to turn to… and no one who could possibly understand what they are going through.

But at Family Nest, these vulnerable woman meet others who have been through a similar experience and came out the other side. It can often be the driving force to transforming their life.

Family Nest provides daily activities for mothers all designed to build their skillset and give them the tools to cope with daily challenges. These include self-esteem and self-confidence workshops, financial coaching, and fitness and skills classes. The mothers develop new social circles and learn to share their experiences with others. And their children are well cared for with an array of activities and summer camps.

Each mother is assigned a ‘companion’, a trained volunteer, who has either ‘graduated’ from the Nest herself or who can relate to their issues. The companion develops a strong relationship with the mother, offering guidance, friendship and company, often the first real friendship they have experienced in a long time.

Family Nest is empowering mothers with the tools to break free from very challenging personal situations and lead healthier and happier lives.


Thanks to Family Nest, my kids no longer feel hunger. I feel stronger and am looking positively to the future.”
Cost per session for 40 women
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