Poker Tournament 2022

March 2022

South Herts, United Kingdom

Event information

Date: 24 Mar

Time: 6:45-11:59pm

Location: South Herts, United Kingdom

Ticket: Fee: £56.00

It was so fantastic to kick-off live events once again with such a brilliant poker tournament at the Village in Elstree.

It was clear that all the players were delighted to be back in the room where it happens, and music to our ears when the call for "chips" started soon after the first blinds were played.

The atmosphere in the room was buzzy, light-hearted and fun, but that didn't stop the serious poker players going all the way to the final table.

The final table took their seats after midnight, and the game reached a final conclusion over an hour later.  Poker buddies Laurence Leigh and Barry Isaacson decided to split first place, both very generously donating back to Myisrael, and both with very wide grins on their faces.  Barry went home with the trophy, and the much coveted Superdry umbrella! In third place was Rafi Bejerano, fourth was Adam Sprei and fifth place was Daniel Field.  

The evening raised over £6,500 with over £2,300 going directly to assist Ukrainian Refugees who have arrived in Israel with little more than the clothes on their backs, with the balance going to help women from low socio-economic situations get started with their own small businesses.

Huge thanks to all the committee members who worked tirelessly recruiting players, securing prizes and sponsorship, collecting and delivering table tops and even providing hand sanitisers!  Thanks to our wonderful volunteers, and to Paul and Tim, the fantastic director and dealer - we can't wait to invite them back next year.