Myisrael Poker Tournament 2019

February 2019

Event information

Date: 7 Feb - 15 Feb

Time: 6:45pm


Ticket: Event Fee(s) £52.00

With 20 new faces in the room, the Myisrael Poker Tournament looked a little different to usual on Thursday 7th February.

Held at the Village Hotel in Elstree, guests arrived straight from work to a delicious buffet supper, where they chatted and warmed up before moving through to take their places at the poker tables.

Committee member and supporter Jason Shelley welcomed guests and spoke briefly about the work Mysrael does in supporting under-the-radar charities in Israel working in communities struggling with poverty, mental health, physical disability and other challenges.  A short film was screened about a young girl, Miki who had been disowned by her religious family because she had her nose pierced. She ended up on the streets, turned to drugs and alcohol but was rescued by the social workers at Crossroads and ended up turning her life around.

After the screening tournament director Josh was introduced, and play began.  Before long cries for “chips” were heard across the room as the volunteers rushed around to take their money in return for a stack of chips.

Play continued until the break, when the rebuy period ended.  At the end of the break some  fantastic auction prizes were sold which included two tickets to see the Spice Girls, an overnight stay at Sopwell House and a beautiful diamond necklace.

The game resumed and the knockout phase began.  Bagels were handed round to keep energy levels up, as bit-by-bit the numbers dwindled until eventually a final table of 10 remained.

The hour was late, but the players fought on.  All final table players received a prize, be it a bottle of whisky or vouchers for a restaurant, but it was the final six who went home with the cash.  Huge congratulations to Will Daws who walked away with the top cash prize of £2,000 and was crowned the 2019 champion in nail-biting final against runner up Paul Cooper.  In third place was the always-smiling Perrie Young, followed by Barry Davis, who came out of his 12-year poker retirement to support the event last night. Fifth place was Joel Goodman, and sixth was Sarah Samuels, flying the flag for the ladies. 

The event raised around £11,500 for Myisrael charities and was thoroughly enjoyed by all the players.  Win-win (well, not for everyone!).