ThE cLoSEt dEn

October 2012

Proud Gallery, London, United Kingdom

Event information

Date: 21 Oct

Time: 11:30-2:30pm

Location: Proud Gallery, London, United Kingdom

Ticket: Tickets £10.00

It’s that time of year again.....

ThE cLoSEt dEn is back and coming to a Proud Gallery near you!


DOORS OPEN at 11.30am on Sunday 21st October at PROUD GALLERY CAMDEN.

Sale closes at 2.30pm so make sure you get there on time!


PLEASE BRING CASH, it will save you a lot of queuing. You can also pay by cheque as long as you have the card with you. BUT CASH WILL BE QUICKEST AND EASIEST.


This year every penny raised will be going to The Forgotten People Fund http://www.fpf.org.il/


Prices range from 50p to £300! So there really is something for everyone! Tell your friends, sisters, girlfriends, wives, mums, aunties, cousins and colleagues, we think ya gonna love it!


We have a NEW section and a PRE LOVED section. There will be LOTS OF DESIGNER items in each.


Cold drinks, tea, coffee and cakey bits are on us.

So once you're tired out shopping, just have a little sit down and catch up with your chums,

Don’t say we don’t treat you well.


This year is going to be truly-madly-fabulous so please get your £10.00 ticket today as there is a limited supply!