Business breakfast 2023

April 2023

West End, London, United Kingdom

Event information

Date: 25 Apr

Time: 8:00-9:30am

Location: West End, London, United Kingdom

Ticket: Suggested voluntary donation £45.00

The Myisrael Business Networking Breakfast was a huge success! In the room were lawyers, accountants, IT and property professionals, as well as some innovative entrepreneurs who enjoyed chatting and exchanging ideas and contact details with each other.  

Myisrael's chair of trustees [Simon Walton] introduced Myisrael's [Alison Gellman] who spoke about her recent first-hand experience visiting Myisrael's amazing causes. [Kevin O'Shea], Head of Global Talent at [Lawflex] addressed guests before the main event began.

[Samantha Simmonds'] interview of [Jeremy King] gave guests a fascinating insight into Jeremy's colourful career in the restaurant industry. The Q&A could have gone on all day, but sadly the event had to wrap up in time for the work day to begin.

Enormous thanks to our sponsor [Lawflex], our speakers [Jeremy King] and [Samantha Simmonds], as well as hosts BDO and to all our guests.  If you were there and you'd like to donate to Myisrael's causes, please visit https://myisraelcharity.org/civicrm/contribute/transact%3Freset%3D1%26id%3D4?id=4&reset=1